• Bowling Birthday Party Chocolate Bar Wrapper
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This product has a minimum quantity of 20
Wrap up some chocolate bars with these personalize bowling birthday party candy bar wrappers. Choose from boy or girl.The boy wrappers will have blue text, the girl's will have pink text unless you contact us to change it. We include pre-cut silver foils with each wrapper. These wrappers fit the Hershey's® chocolate bar that is 1.55 oz. These are easy to assemble. It's just like wrapping a present. You'll want to stock up on regular tape and also double stick tape. We'll send wrapping instructions in the package.
Text on front: The less text written, the larger we can print the text. The more you have, the smaller the text will appear.
The back of the wrapper says has a fun Nutrition Facts for the birthday party, along with bowling pins and ball design.
$0.85 each
Minimum order: 20
Ships out within 3 business days.


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