"A Baby Is Blooming" Seed Guessing Game

  • "A Baby Is Blooming" Seed Guessing Game
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Start your baby shower the right way - with our "A Baby Is Blooming" Seed Guessing Game. The questions are related to babies, moms, parents, and pregnancy. These are actually pretty hard, so we've included a "Seed Answer Key" at the bottom. This key lists all of the seeds that answer the questions PLUS five extras that are not correct answers. This is a fun, original ABCfavors.com game. Each game card has a fun polka dot background and an adorable flowerpot baby. Choose the color of the card and the enthnicity of the baby (Caucasian, African American, or Hispanic) You will receive 20 cards per set along with a hostess answer card.
Example of a question:
Q: A common attribute among newborn babies.
A: Baby blue eyes
Q: In whose fabric did the parents dress their baby girl?
A: Queen Anne's Lace
See how fun this is? And so fitting for a baby shower! Challenge your guests to this fun and unique baby shower game that will have them talking long after the party.
$9.95 per set of 20 Cards
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Did you want to personalize this game? We can do that for you! We can add the baby's first or last name to the title. Ex: Baby Grace is Blooming!  Personalization is only $2.00 extra per set of 20 cards.


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