Silhouette Mommy Pink Scratch-Off Baby Shower Game (20 pk)

  • Silhouette Mommy Pink Scratch-Off Baby Shower Game (20 pk)
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You have found the cutest and most unique baby shower scratch off game in the world and it is exclusively at ABC Favors. Our unique Silhouette Mommy Pink scratch-off game is just like those fun lottery tickets that everybody of all ages like to play. This adorable baby shower game is definitely perfect for any baby girl shower. The card has a silhouette of an expectant mom in white silhouette cradling her belly. The mom-to-be is fashionably dressed in bright pink top, stylish pink and brown striped pants, and a multicolored bow in her hair. The mom-to-be is standing in front of a soft pink background that is so cute.  The play this baby shower game, just scratch the silver circle and it will either reveal a baby stroller for the "winner" or a crying baby for the 19 loser cards. You can choose whether the crying baby on the "loser cards" is an African American baby or a Caucasian baby. This game coordinates perfectly with any pink tableware and theme for your baby shower! A very chic and fun way to have your guests get to know each other and break the ice at your baby shower!
This baby shower game is sold in packs of 20. There are 19 'losing cards' and one 'winning card'. The 'winning card' is always the one on the top when you receive your order. Game prizes are not included.
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