• Funny Baby Shower Scratch-Off Games
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We have a sense of humor here at AbcFavors, and many of our customers do as well. So, we are introducing the beginning of our "funny baby shower games". This first is a scratch-off game with two different design options.   
First, we have "Bawling Baby". Will someone please get that baby a bottle! The guest who has the bottle is the winner. The losing cards have baby related items.
Next, our "Daddy's Diaper Duty" game. This poor guy is trying to make his kid happy - any way he can. Holding the baby's bottom up to a hand dryer is hilarious. Whichever guest uncovers the diaper wins! Other baby related items are the losing cards.
You'll receive 20 scratch-off game cards per pack, 19 loser, one winner.
Both available in Caucasian or African American.
$9.95 per pack
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